Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#Z. Two Wrongs

Brown Box held auditions for a comedy called Two Wrongs. Like most of their productions of late, it opens here in Boston, and then tours down to Maryland. Fun, and funny!

Now, I didn't (read: forgot to) bring a headshot to my audition, but I'm writing about it anyway for one main reason.

The auditions were held at the mysterious Huntington Theatre Company offices on Huntington Avenue. Well, "mysterious" mostly because they're beneath below street level, under a convenience store.

But this waiting room! Talk about comfy. That armchair in the foreground? That couch to the side? So inviting. So warm. With the right mix of people, it also makes for a very collaborative, communal space - as occurred very neatly during callbacks.

So here's some REAL advice for you actors out there. If you're ever asked to audition at the Huntington Theatre Company offices, show up early, 'cause these seats are HOT.

Oh, yeah, and

Still, 1 headshot remains.

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