Monday, December 21, 2009

Monologue: Another Bad Night at the Candy Factory by Jeff Belanger

Another Bad Night at the Candy Factory is a play written by a guy I know from back home in Jersey named Jeff Belanger. It was performed during my theatre company's premiere show, Another Bad Night.

I was kicking to get an opportunity to direct it myself, but I just couldn't make the time. Thankfully my chum and colleague Chelsea stepped up to direct it. And then she cast me as Harry, which turned out to be the most favorite of my roles that I have ever performed.

That's me in the front.

It's funny. Of the three characters in Candy Factory, Harry is the one I thought I was like the least on my first reading of it. He's straight-laced, impatient and stubborn. I thought for sure that Chelsea would cast me as the nicer, lazier Marty. Playing Harry brought me in touch with a completely different kind of energy that I don't get to channel too often. He's an asshole, but he's so determined.

This is the only monologue I've posted that's from a role that I've actually been cast in.

Oh, great, I have to die because you want to do more stuff.

I have plans! I’m preparing a life. A home for myself. A wife. I’m gonna raise a kid! I have investments AND a career!

YES, you have a JOB! People quit it after a few months! I have a CAREER! That means EMPLOYMENT till I retire! All these small things are building a LIFE! I AM GETTING A LIFE! You have... you have...

Just... I don’t know. I don’t know what you call what you have.

It’s stuff.

Listen, I get it... you’re not all about making money and comfort and all that jazz... but I am and I need to be alive to do all that. You can die now because your life will probably be the same forty years from now as it is today. I’m going to change.

I know I’m being obnoxious. But c’mon, I’ve put so much work towards BUILDING a life and it’s about to pay off. I worked hard, man. And I know you think it’s stupid that I worked so hard but... I mean, if I die now, I didn’t get to kick back like you did. If you die... I mean, at least you got to take it easy for the most part. You did what you loved...

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