Wednesday, March 3, 2010

#1.5 Irrational Games

It came to me through one of my elaborate chains of communication that Irrational Games, creators of the Bioshock video games, were looking for voice actors for their upcoming project. Would my lifelong dream of helping to make a video game finally see fruition?

I trekked into the deepest jungles of Quincy, and on my way to their offices I ran into fellow actor Jon Ryan (the Marty to my Harry) who could not find their damn office. From afar, fellow actor Scarlett Redmond (the one who was cast in Stop Kiss) called out to us and said OVER HERE and pointed at the correct address.

She then told us that the audition was fun and that everyone at Irrational Games was very nice.

We went up to their office and rang their door bell, which was not a bell at all but actually the sound of a dog barking. "I like these guys more and more," said Jon.

We stepped in and were handed a release form and, since it was an under-wraps project, a nondisclosure form.

I've never signed a nondisclosure form before. I didn't think that I had learned anything that I even could disclose.

Which leads to believe that I am legally obligated to keep my mouth shut about what little I did see.

So, uh... I guess I could at least tell you that:

I shook hands with Ken Levine, writer-designer of Bioshock.

Part of the audition involved singing Happy Birthday.

And I got the guy at reception to take this picture for me!

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