Monday, June 28, 2010

#6 & #7. Shakespeare Now: Julius Caesar

Rough Week cohort Chelsea Schmidt was sitting at the check-in table at Boston Playwrights' Theatre. Indeed, she had volunteered for that position.

I reminisced upon the many auditions I've had at BPT. As a matter of fact, I auditioned for Shakespeare Now a year ago in this same place, not too long after I started this cockamamie blog.

It was then that I realized that I would be auditioning with my Romeo monologue, the same monologue I auditioned with back then.

Before I could consider how this reflected on my abilities as an artist, it was my turn. The two auditors were very nice, and asked me all about Emerson College and all the nice things they just got that I didn't get a chance to use before I graduated.

I had been alternately bored and excited by Romeo. He meanders in with some romantic imagery which is pretty typical of the most recognizable Shakespearean lover, and you're just kinda like, "Okay." But only later do you see it's REALLY all to illustrate to the Friar how fucked up his situation is.

That switch was so juicy to me that I suddenly felt my blood getting hot, and I raised my voice and focused my intentions and did all that acting shit.

It felt good, but all I might've done was illustrate the difference between my being bored and my trying my best. When, really, I should've been doing my best the whole time.

The woman who was waiting her turn when I came out was impressed with my voice, though - or at least what she heard from the lobby.

4 headshots remain.

P.S. I also met the Boston Playwrights' dog once again. I can't tell if he liked me or not. We met once before, I think during SLAMBoston, but I forget his name. How embarrassing!

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