Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#4. Fresh Ink's Second Season

I worked for Fresh Ink before as a stage manager. But now, I sought to be a stage man; eager.

There were auditions for two shows. When I expressed interest, I received sides for both plays.

THE EMBRYOS, about a family that tries to raise their failed embryos as children, sounded like a hoot, but I knew the only role left for me us the male embryo, and something in my head told me, "No... that's not for me."

But FIRE ON EARTH, about the smuggling of illegal translations of the bible during the reformation of the church of England, not only sounded great, but had a part that made perfect sense to me.

John Frith, a real life opponent to the Anglican Church, was earnest, gentle, and ready to die for his beliefs.

I was asked for conflicts for both shows. I wrote down my conflicts for The Embryos before I realized I didn't really want to audition for it.

For my last handful of auditions, I was just happy with the prospect of being considered for any role. It's empowering to finally have the opportunity to say, "No - I want THAT role."

I read specifically for Frith at The Factory Theatre before, I believe, most of the Fresh Ink staff and the director of either show.

I got to go all the way through both sides, and it felt good.

I'm excited for the show, whether or not I'm in it.

6 headshots remain.

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