Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#8. Bad Habit: Durang/Durang

Chelsea and I motored over to the audition on Jeff Goldblum, her vespa. The audition was at the Cambridge YMCA in Central Square. The Awesome 80s Prom has rehearsed there in the children's room several times.

They threw some name tags on us and we chilled, played Dissidia and looked at all of the children's drawings hung up on the wall.

When the stage manager came to get me, I stood up and realized that I hadn't gone over my monologue even once, not even in my head. I decided to just breathe and let the lines come to me. I'd done it enough times.

The stage was set for Quills, which I'm told is great. Three dudes were sitting there, I heard their names, and I didn't have to introduce myself or my monologue because I had written those things down for them already. I did Andrew's monologue again. I played the ending a bit - I was already angry, so I had no choice but to get even angrier before the end of it.

I didn't expect to be called back the next night at the same location. So was Chelsea, and our companion Silas. Chelsea read one part and was offered the role immediately.

I stayed for nearly three hours and didn't feel that great about any of the three parts I read for. I had a lot of fun with the first role, a monologue for this fellow with a split personality, but I read the next two sides with other actors and as time went on I was just getting more and more tired and couldn't really give them the attention they deserved.

Also, I didn't realize the one guy was Southern when I read for him, I thought he was just dumb.

2 headshots remain.

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