Friday, April 5, 2013

Concerning the printing of headshots

I ordered my Stagesource headshots from urban headshot-printing juggernaut Reproductions, whom I ordered from last time. They sent me a proof, I confirmed, and that was it.

Until I realized two days before the Stagesource audition that I had not received them, despite ordering them a month ago.

When I checked on my order online, I noticed it had never received a FedEx shipping number. It was not going to be here in time.

So I quickly thought of Flash Print in Harvard Square, whom I've used for script printing.

I quickly pulled up my headshot in Photoshop, put my name on it (in Futura Book), and sent it along with my resume, requesting 40 copies of my headshot with my resume on the back.

Within a half hour, I was asked how I wanted the image cropped - I confirmed the proof, and they took care of the rest.

The color was a LITTLE off, but if I spent a little time prior to correct, it would have looked perfect.

The whole order was turned around in 5 hours at half the cost.

Actors - go to Flash Print. Or, really, just go local.

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