Thursday, January 16, 2014

#10. Three Days of Rain

I swear I must have auditioned for Three Days of Rain once before. I probably have a post about it around here. Oh, well. Anyway, I'm trying again! This time with the Hub Theatre Company.

Auditions were at the First Church of Boston. I have memories of this place. I was in an unusually effective performance of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot here. I played a guy with the 30-second memory span here. As a space, it requires a lot of attention to detail to keep from looking damn weird and drab.

Looks pretty cool from the outside, though.

I was among some of the first to arrive. I met some familiar faces, like Tim Hoover and Mary-Liz Murray who I had seen most recently in Exit Pursued by a Bear.

The lousy thing about the situation, and the reason I almost didn't audition, was that one of the three roles was already filled - the role I thought I would've been most suited for. Still, I figured, "What the hell, type be damned."

I still haven't read the whole play, but the sides provided were really good. After me first read with the directors and producer, I was paired up with Marty, who works at the Emerson College library.

Then we waited a while. We were told more than once that we were up next to read, but newer actors came in and got precedence. The length of time was enough to get excited about the side, get bored of it, and then, fortunately, get excited about it again.

Auditions must be hard. I admit, I have yet to run one myself. Schedules; having to stick to them; people who don't know the schedule being active parts of it.

I guess the time commitment wasn't such a big deal since it kind of doubled as callbacks. The director made a point of making an adjustment to my reading. It felt like we got a surprising amount of mileage out of the scene.

Still... I would've been better for the other guy.

No headshots remain.