Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Yeach Me, and I'll Teach You

Sometimes as an actor I feel like Ash Ketchum.

I'm young. I slept in on the most important day of my life. I'm late to the party. I don't have a strict training regimen. I go with my gut. I work with what I've got, and make the most of what I get.

I spend more time daydreaming about the possibilities of my craft than observing the realities of its current state. And on the road I always find people who know much more about the things I love than I do, than I ever will.

There's a type of theatre that's like the Pokemon League. It's beyond the sport - it's the business. They have vetting processes of sponsorship, donations, practices, and gym leaders to keep out the riffraff. It's something I'd like to be a part of because I grew up believing that's what my goal should be, but I don't truly understand its machinations, and it all seems less trustworthy because of it.

Then on the fringe there's Team Rocket. They have a dream - they want all the Pokemon. But they employ ideas that are so out there and so financially disastrous that even if they were to succeed, no one else would really be able to agree that would they've achieved is "success".

Sometimes I feel like I'm still walking down that foot-worn path across the grassy plains. Viridian City is just beyond the horizon. I can take a shot at the title of League Champ, to spite all of the opposition

But every once in a while I just wanna cash my chips and join the ranks of Team Rocket and just be a goofy asshole and cause a lot of upheaval at my own cost.

I know that fame and monetary compensation isn't the definition of success. I know that a complete lack either is not the definition of failure.

I wanna be the very best. But I don't need to be.