Thursday, May 23, 2013

#Woof. Crab the Dog

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company is looking for a few dogs to tag team the role of Crab the Dog in Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Lauren and I brought our dog Brother the Rott-Chihuahua and Internet celebrity Maestro the Corgi to the audition.

Look at these picturesque pups. Both know a couple of tricks and have been trained in the ways of agility, and they've been around actors.

The audition was held at Bark Place in the South End. You can wash your own dog there! Lauren spied on this happy pup as she got her bath.

Lauren took Brother in before the director, the gentleman playing Launce, and many others.

Brother: 25% Rottweiler, 25% Catahoula Leopard Hound, 50% Chihuahua. 30 lbs. Loves small, darting things. Hates noises with unverifiable sources. Can jump three times his own height when excited.

He was freaked out by the man with the camera because it had a light mounted on it, which made it look like the camera was a scary floating thing that hated him.

Yeah, it was a long shot, we knew Brother is just too antsy to be a Show Dog. Be we wanted to give him new experiences.

I took Maestro out before the assembly, on behalf of his owners.

Maestro: Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Fluffy as cotton balls, dense as dark matter. Loves balls, food. Hates brooms, exhaust fans. Will play fetch for as long as any human is willing.

Unlike Brother, Maestro can accept many weird situations in stride. Also, he knows a butt-ton of tricks! They were all quite enamored with Bang! That's when he gets shot with an imaginary bullet and plays dead. He held this position while everyone took pictures.

The Results

Maestro is already among the few esteemed dogs offered the role of Crab.

All those who know him are unsurprised.