Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#9. Holland Productions: Mistakes Madeline Made

Joe gave me a ride on the vespa, making this the second audition I've gone to by vespa. We were both wearing nice shirts. Me, not because I wanted to looked nice, but because I was too lazy to change out of my interview clothes.

The Factory was full of familiar faces. Kenny Fuentes from CoLab, Rory Kulz who played some weirdos in Family (de) Values, Mel Garber who artistically associates with 11:11, and some other dudes.

Joe printed out the sides we'd be auditioning with. I looked at sides for all the male roles. Joe pointed out Wilson to me, because I'm pretty good at playing socially deficient weirdos. I was like, "NO, I'm gonna read for the sexy, stupid artist."

So I did. There was a bevy of ladies in the audition room, including the director Krista, also from Family (de) Values. I was reading and everyone was laughing - man, auditioning for comedies is great when everyone actually has a sense of humor. I read it a few times. And then I was told to read for Wilson.

I came out and told Joe, "They asked me to read for Wilson."

He was like, "You saw that comin'."

And I was like, "Yes."

And then I forgot to give 'em my headshot.

2 headshots still remain.

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