Sunday, July 12, 2009

#10. Exquisite Corps

Love's Fire, a collection of plays by contemporary playwrights - Tony Kushner, John Guare, Marsha Norman, Ntozake Shange, Eric Bogosian and Wendy Wasserstein - inspired by the sonnets of Shakespeare. Boy, that guy is everywhere!


The Loeb Drama Center in Harvard! There's more space in there than I thought. I guess that's what makes it a drama center!

I thought I'd be late for this one, just like the last audition I had at the Loeb. Fortunately, it was a sign-in-when-you-get-there kind of thing.

There were two girls waiting to audition. They were wearing nice black dresses. I was wearing a t-shirt and sneakers.

I said Hello to them and immediately began filling out the audition form.

The first director introduced herself to me when I entered.

I then looked at the other two directors, expecting them to introduce themselves. They looked each other, looked at me, said, "Oh!" and then introduced themselves.

"Whenever you're ready," the first director said.

I moved a chair out of the way and immediately commenced my usual piece. Halfway through, I realized that I forgot to say the name of the play that it was from. Oh, shit, I thought, talk about unprofessional.

I tried to take my mind off it, and say it through to the end as best I could.

"Thank you. Uh. I guess I should've started by saying that I will be doing a monologue from The Random Caruso by Andrew Clarke."

They thought that was funny, if nothing else.

The director in the middle had me read a side from Tony Kushner's play. The character was a closeted, neurotic Jew. Surprisingly, it was the first closeted, neurotic Jew I had ever read for.

When I set out for this audition, I just figured it would be one of those auditions that I was going to so that I could play Pokemon on the train.

But, really, it was pretty all right. Just a year ago, my little flub during the audition would've ruined my day. But now? Hey, whatever, man.

Between the friendly creative team and sharp material, I wouldn't mind being in the production at all.

But was I neurotic enough?

No headshots remain.

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