Monday, March 1, 2010

#10. Zeitgeist Stage

A production of Farragut North, a pretty new play loosely based on the playwright's experience working on the Howard Dean's 2004 primary campaign.

Several of my accomplices and I have been excited by this one for a while, because it's a great script and two of the roles are white males in our age range - the main character being one.

"ONE of us has gotta get this," we've been saying. "We're gonna ROCK this."

I arrived at the BCA Plaza Theatre in good spirits. The last time I auditioned there was my first success on this blog.

The stage manager greeted me with great verve, and I filled out the audition form. I marked that I wished to be considered for two characters: Stephen, the lead, and Ben, who is not the lead.

She pointed to another fellow, Nate. I would be reading for Stephen and he would read for Ben. This instantly struck me as a poor idea, as Stephen was the older character, and I was visibly younger than Nate (no offense to Nate).

We read through our scene a few times. And, frankly, I could not tap into the aggressive campaign manager that Stephen was supposed to be. So I suggested that we read through again, but with the roles switched.

Of course, I was able to find a lot more juice in the role of the meeker Ben, and Nate made for a much prouder and robust Stephen. It made perfect sense.

But then - and I'm thinking back on this, and I don't know why it happened - we agreed to switch the roles back.

We were then called in to do a tepid reading in front of the director in the black box theater. He said Thank You politely.

We came out expecting to be handed another side. Instead, we were bid good night.

We looked at each other, shrugged, and took off.

No headshots remain...?

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