Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#4. Happy Medium *

Mikey DiLorento, executive director of the Happy Medium Theatre Company, messaged me on a Facebook, asking if I would be interested in auditioning for Family (de)Values: A One Act Festival including Steve Martin's WASP and the Boston premiere of Jessica Goldberg's Refuge.

While I wasn't sure if two plays counted as a festival, I was pretty excited, anyway. For the first time ever, I was made aware of an audition before it was announced on StageSource. I didn't think that I'd be offered an audition opportunity without asking for it for at least another year.

But I don't know Mikey. How does he know me?

Whatever! I went to the audition at BU. I thought that maybe Jeff's monologue was a bit alienating for some people, so I switched back to Andrew's monologue for this one.

When I walked in, I recognized Mikey immediately. He was the MC at SLAMBoston. I forget which one. Apparently that's where he saw me perform once before.

He asked me to read for Son in WASP and Nat in Refuge.

I was called back to the Factory Theatre to read for Nat. I recognized a buncha cats in attendance. I guess there's a bunch of companies that are on the level that us younger actors actually have a consistent chance with them.

Because Mikey knew everyone, he just handed out a bunch of sides to everyone, and they all split up to practice. I read twice, once with Rachel No-Last-Name-Given and once with Eric Rollins of the Rollins Estate.

Next day I got an email saying I was cast.

6 headshots remain.

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    Sad I won't be in Boston to see the shows...