Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CHALLENGE: Simulated Amnesia

Fellow Emerson College graduates Alexandra McConnell-Trivelli and Kaite Fleming, now that they're not so busy with Sleep No More, have begun work on a collaborative project inspired by the condition of Clive Wearing, a British musicologist with the most acute case of reoccurring amnesia in history.

They have cast me as the amnesiac.

Area IV members Zachary Baker-Salmon and Charlotte Jusino are also a part of the project.

For such a peculiar role I thought it would be best to supplement the rehearsal process with a bit of behavioral reconditioning. I've decided to Daniel Day-Lewis this shit.

For now, this basically just means following a few rules in my day-to-day life.
  • Greet everyone with enthusiasm
  • Keep a diary of my thoughts (or rather my first thought, repeatedly)
  • Play Solitaire
    • Obtain a deck of cards
    • Or: Tetris
  • Investigate self mid-activity ("How did I start doing this?")
  • React impulsively and completely to every new sight and sensation
    • Movement exercises to raise awareness
  • Reduce concern for physical appearance
    • Though scrutinize reflection when passing mirrors
There's more I can do, I bet. The main thing is to remain alert and follow my passions. Once I can do that I can work on narrowing the scope of my memory.

Or I can run into a few walls head first.

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